12th FIAP New Year Greetings Card Contest 22-23

12th FIAP New Year Greetings Card Contest Dear friends, fellow photographers First of all, I wish you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous year 2023! Sometimes an event outside our focus and routine makes us think about a new perspective. Recently I was watching a TV programme about travel to Uganda. In it, a local guide told the traveller: "Where we live, almost nobody owns a watch, but we have time and are happy. Where you live, everybody owns and wears a watch, yet you have no time". How has this been working out for us? Therefore, in the year 2023, I wish you also plenty of time for the things you love to do! On the previous January, when I posted all the chocolates and medals to the winners, I told myself this would be the last time. Sending chocolate abroad becomes a complex administrative procedure, particularly when the parcel destination is outside European Union. I felt that the administrative officials were there only to complicate our lives. I decided to finish this contest. But later in the year, I made trips to Turkey (SSS meeting in Konya and Beyşehir) and Oman (FIAP Photo Meeting). I met many photographers, and quite some of them asked me are you the one who is organizing New Year Chocolate Award Contest?It was so nice to hear those questions. Because the people seemed to be happy when they received chocolate. This gave me satisfaction and proved that I am doing something good and it makes people happy. Recognizing this, I was happy too. So, I changed my mind and decided to run this contest again. Participating in this contest means more, as all the 173 participants wished a happy 2023 to me. Much more. Each of them is sending good wishes to all others. To me, this is the most important goal of this competition. Thanks to all who participated, Emil for judging, Matej for the IT support, FIAP for free medals, and the trust expressed by granting the auspices to this contest. In the end, again, I wish peace and health to everybody! Vasja Doberlet, MFIAP, EFIAP/d1, ESFIAP FLO Slovenia 3